HeatSense: Data-driven climate change adaptation in poultry

Climate change, especially heat waves, can negatively impact livestock, now and in the future. This project investigates short- and long-term data-driven solutions for climate adaptation, focusing on poultry. We will develop an early warning system for heat stress (HS) based on animal behaviour, that, alongside indoor and outdoor climate conditions and weather predictions, can serve as input for automated barn cooling or other mitigating measures (short-term solution). Using longitudinal climate and production data, we will examine between-individual HS-response differences, to assess potential for breeding for heat tolerance (long-term solution). Together, this helps adapt livestock production to a changing climate. The project Heat sense is granted as part of the Wageningen University & Research investment theme ‘data-drive discoveries in a changing climate’. Breed4Food partner Hendrix Genetics contributes by providing data for the study.

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