TurkeysResearchers of Wageningen Livestock Research have been able to define when a turkey takes a step. This is an important milestone to automating gait scoring by sensors. Locomotion obviously is an important indicator of animal welfare. With gait scores based on sensor data, breeding programs are able to better select animals with the best locomotion. This will enhance animal welfare.

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Recently a new CASA article about ‘Machine learning to further improve the decision which boar ejaculates to process into artificial insemination doses’ has been accepted and published.

The activity level of group-housed broilers decreases as birds grow older. That is one of the conclusions of a study where an ultra-wideband tracking system (UWB) was implemented and validated by Wageningen University & Research (WUR).

In collaboration with the Technical University of Delft, researchers at Wageningen University & Research, Animal Breeding and Genomics (WUR-ABG), have recently implemented an efficient algorithm, called the deflated preconditioned conjugate gradient method.

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