Claudia Kamphuis

I am a senior researcher at Wageningen Livestock Research - Animal Breeding and Genomics. The utilization of sensor technology to support farmers in daily management has been a red tread throughout my scientific career. Recently, my interest grew into data science and data engineering to utilize new methodologies (artificial intelligence, machine learning) and technologies (videos, images) to improve or develop new traits that can help farmers through to improve their management, or that can improve the breeding program.
I am the work package leader (WP) of WP3 – Phenotyping interface. This makes me responsible, with my co-leader, to prepare WP meetings, to exchange results and progress with other WPs, and to ensure that activities within the WP contribute to the development of tools and methodologies that can generate phenotypes and genomic predictions from longitudinal and/or multidimensional data to be used in WP1.

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