Tracking and monitoring of livestock

Livestock are often kept in large groups. Identifying and monitoring individual animals in a group is a challenge. The aim of this project is to use sensor technologies to identify and monitor individual animals. Sensor technologies that are investigates are Ultrawideband tracking, radio frequency identification and computer vision. In this project we mainly work with broilers.

Published results in this project are:

Ellen, E. D., M. Van Der Sluis, J. Siegford, O. Guzhva, M. J. Toscano, J. Bennewitz, L. E. Van Der Zande, J. A. Van Der Eijk, E. N. de Haas, and T. Norton. 2019. Review of sensor technologies in animal breeding: Phenotyping behaviors of laying hens to select against feather pecking. Animals 9(3):108. 

Van Der Sluis, M., B. De Klerk, E. D. Ellen, Y. De Haas, T. Hijink, and T. B. Rodenburg. 2019. Validation of an ultra-wideband tracking system for recording individual levels of activity in broilers. Animals 9(8):580. 

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