Improving efficiency of livestock

Efficiency of livestock is an important trait. However, measuring efficiency is not straightforward. In this project new technologies are investigated to measure feed efficiency in different livestock species. This project contains several sub-projects focussing on 1) using organoids to study feed efficiency in pigs, 2) using NIRS to study digestibility in laying hens, and 3) using infrared thermography to measure feed efficiency in dairy cattle. 

Published results in this project are:

Ellen, E. D., N. Taverne, J. J. Taverne-Thiele, O. Madsen, H. Woelders, R. Bergsma, E. F. Knol, S. K. Kar, Y. de Haas, M. Groenen, and J. M. Wells. 2018. Intestinal stem-cell organoids as experimental models to investigate feed efficiency 69th Annual Meeting of the European Federation of Animal Science No. 24. p 478. Wageningen Academic Publishers, Dubrovnik, Croatia.

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