Improving health of livestock

This project explores longitudinal data to provide resilience indicators that are useful for breeding programs. Furthermore, health/disease phenotypes from routine chain data flows will be made available to implement in breeding programs. ​Resilience of animals means that animals can cope with changes in the environment, which is of great interest to the farmers. In this project we work on different species; dairy cattle, turkeys, and laying hens. 

Published results in this project are:

Berghof, Tom V.L.; Poppe, Marieke; Mulder, Han A. (2019) Opportunities to improve resilience in animal breeding programs. Frontiers in Genetics, Vol. 9, 692, 14.01.2019.

Poppe, M., Veerkamp, R.F., van Pelt, M.L., Mulder, H.A. (2019) Exploration of variance, autocorrelation, and skewness of deviations from lactation curves as resilience indicators for breeding. Journal of Dairy Science 103: 1667-1684 DOI:

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